Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey, check out this band!

If I was in a band, I think maybe I'd want it to be kinda like Elf Power. Just plain solid music. Okay, not terribly interesting music. But not boring music either. Just solid. Check out "Spiral Stairs" for instance.


I wanted to make sure I hiked Reservoir Canyon at least one more time before I leave, and this morning I did. I think I like it because it shows off everything I like about the SLO-outdoors.

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  1. Where is Resevior Canyon Josh? It looks nice... me and little wiens must go there! (ps. you get on an airplane tomorrow, but what you dont know is I changed the maps that the pilots use, and they will think SLO is Hawaii. So dont be alarmed if your flight is a little short.) If only that were true. Matt and I miss you both so much already!!! Thanks to you Ryan said he is thinking of adopting, but wants to see how we do drinking wine with them on their back porch. Hope you guys are well!