Saturday, February 27, 2010

Foiled again!

This morning I wanted to make some changes to my car insurance policy online. Coincidentally, a tsunami was headed toward Hawaii. My genius insurance company spotted my genius plan a mile away:

"We're sorry. We're unable to process your request.

This policy change is temporarily restricted due to a(n) hurricane in Hawaii. Please try back later. If you would like to change your liability coverages, or add a vehicle with liability coverage only, we can assist by phone."

Three things: (1) the people at my insurance company are apparently very good at what they do; (2) I appreciate them taking time to properly work out the spelling for "a(n) hurricane"; and (3) does their Auto Reply vocabulary insert "hurricane" in the place of "any possible freak disaster that might cost us money"? Would an asteroid shower or alien invasion prompt the same message?

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