Monday, July 14, 2008

Damon & Naomi / weeds

Always happy to find threads of inspiration and beauty leading away from or toward Luna, my favorite band of 2003-2004 (and one of the most underrated bands of all time), I was was very pleased indeed to spot Damon & Naomi, formerly the drummer and bassist, respectively, of Galaxie 500, which until 1991 was fronted by Luna guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Dean Wareham. Anyway, sure enough, barely visible, slumped low on the lowest shelf of the listening station, it caught my eye in the record store today, the re-release of the 1992 More Sad Hits, apparently a tribute of sorts to the breakup of Galaxie 500. I'm totally biased, and I imagine for someone unacquainted with G5, it might seem totally pedantic and unmemorable, but for me it is a psychedelic breath of fresh air. Mmmmm....


I have TWO DAYS of work left. That means I have almost nothing left to do. My cubicle is nearly empty, nobody's stuffing my inbox with impossible-to-review reports, and I surf the net a lot, while gently deriding my cubie-neighbors with insults that they take all too well. Honestly, I'd like to have more time to spend at home pulling weeds:

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