Monday, July 28, 2008

"has very low kitchen" I call this nice lady today to ask her about her house for rent, and the first thing she asks is when we want to move in. Of course I tell her we're ready to move in right now. And then, naturally, she asks, "Are you over six feet tall?"


Turns out, the place "has very low kitchen," according to craigslist. In my hurry, I had overlooked that detail, or simply didn't understand what that meant. She explains to me that there are low ceilings involved, and with my height, I might be uncomfortable in this place, but I should come check it out anyway (which the wifie and I will be doing tomorrow at noon), particularly because of the other words used to describe the place: "funky" and "charming." Now to those who knew our Oceano house, it might certainly be described as both funky and charming, so I'm already feeling really comfortable with the thought of this place. Aside from the possible height limit, of course.


(...oh, and check out that little thingy on the right, next to my picture. That changed!)


  1. Yah! You've GOT to take pictures, if it's not too strange to pull out your camera. (even if you don't decide to live there, I have to see what that place looks like) ((here I am, long distance bossying you!))

  2. ah... we miss you, even if you are bossy, bossy, bossy.....

  3. Just make sure that "funky and charming" means that it's "quirky and cute", cause that could also mean that it's smelly and bewitched. Hard to catch those distinctions on craigslist.

    You and your secret blog.

  4. Yeah, I might have tipped Jeremy off to your blog, Josh, but it's okay, because he's funky and charming, even if he is a bit low sometimes.