Monday, August 4, 2008

Embracing the SPAM

Calling Hawaii home means, of course, that I have to eat -- and like -- SPAM. I consider it an honor and a duty. Else I shall return to the mainland in shame. After just three days here, I felt it was high time to try the delectable mystery meat treat. I chose my first experience carefully, in the form of SPAM Eggs Benedict at Lu Lu's, my favorite neighborhood breakfast joint so far. I was both surprised and a bit concerned when the waitress informed me she had never had anyone substitute SPAM for ham in this dish. (Had I made a terrible mistake!?) But in the end her own willingness to try it fortified my decision.

And the resulting dish was all I wanted it to be. The sweet-salty succulent taste and texture of SPAM complemented the Eggs Benedict quite well. And how can you go wrong with a product that lists among its ingredients both ham and pork. Now that is really living.

So when I found tins of SPAM in an 8-pack at Costco, I couldn't resist buying. Now we won't lack for sweet-salty protein for at least a month. Just think of the possibilities: SPAM scramble for breakfast, SPAM sandwich for lunch, grilled SPAM steak for dinner. Mmmmmm.....


  1. You're spending too much time in the sun. It's turning your brain to SPAM.

  2. I shall open a day spa called SPA M. Think of it: moisturizing SPAM facial masks; cleansing SPAM-and-mud baths; deep-tissue warm SPAM massages; SPAM-scented candles burning in the background....

    Perhaps a little time out of the sun would be good. My SPAMarita's melting....

  3. My Dad loves SPAM, and he and mom just barely missed a SPAM toss when they arrived at a SPAM festival last year in Northern California. And SPAMaritas are so passe. Go for the SPAMojito.

  4. Josh, I'm practicing solidarity with you--I bought a can of spam. Anna said she won't try it. We'll see about that...

  5. yeah Wiens! we'll have to share recipes.