Friday, August 1, 2008

Book your tickets!

After just a couple of days frantically trying out apartments (no joke, one landlord insisted on checking us out on the FBI most-wanted list) while attempting the bus system (great!), we've miraculously moved into a small third-story, 1-bedroom place about 3 blocks from Waikiki Beach. We think it's the coolest thing ever, for lots of reasons: our landlord is totally helpful, the place is almost completely furnished, the rent is decent, it's in a neighborhood we like a lot (I think there are about 20 Asian restaurants within a ten-minute walk), and it takes me 30 seconds to get to the only bus I will need to get to school.

...and I just got a sweet deal on a surfboard.

...and we live in Hawaii. Still getting used to that.

Here are a few pics:

I know it looks like our luggage just kind of threw up all over our apartment, but we think this place is so cool.


  1. It does look that way. I know you didn't pack a bottle of hand soap to Hawaii. The place looks roughly the size of your old place in Shell Beach, yeah? Very cool.

  2. Thanks for the pictures Joshy. I think I figured out how your house is (and I dont just mean messy!...) It looks great. Can you get rid of furniture if you want to? What do you need a recliner on your porch for? How was sushi the other night? (I have a coupon to mama's for 50% off!!!)

  3. jeremy,

    yes, it's about the size of our Shell Beach place, but technically it is infinitely large because the mirrors on two opposing walls make it go on forever.

  4. anna,

    #1: i dare you to try drawing a floor plan.
    #2: yes, we are getting rid of some furniture, and lots of other stuff (there's a lot of crap here from the lady who owns the place).
    #3: we have a recliner on our "porch" (it's called a "lanai", silly) because that's just how we roll.
    #4: sushi the other night was pretty un-memorable; we probably won't go back there.
    #5: STOP TANTALIZING US!!!! (i tried the lasagna at the italian place downstairs....that was a mistake.)

  5. That apartment doesn't look any different from one you could get on the Central Coast. As Jeremy pointed out, it's even the same size. I bet that if you had known that, you wouldn't have moved. Oh well ... wouldn'ta, shouldn'ta, couldn'ta.

  6. Anna FINALLY popped the question after we got your email about having a pull-out couch for us when we come to visit you...sheesh, it's about time. I was this (a gap of one centimeter between my thumb and forefinger) close to giving her an ultimatum before she got down on one knee and asked me to be her wife... wait--what?...darn.

  7. ....of course she had to get down on one knee because she's SO BIG!

  8. okay, okay. Im not SO BIG!! Im just a bad reader...