Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bringing down the house!

Okay, I totally don't agree with his hair (maybe I'm just jealous??) but Newton Faulkner has that very catchy song "Dream Catch Me" that they play all the time on one of those Santa Barbara top-40 stations that I'm embarrassed to have as a pre-set in my work truck. I usually don't do this, but today I'm a sentimental fool and the blogability meter went off when I heard it for the 147th time.


Spent a very happy weekend at home with the parents. Got to impress the wifie yet again with my mad hammer-wielding skizzles as Dad and I totally destroyed the front porch of their house -- it's okay, it's a re-build job. Seriously, nobody can't not take down a roof better than me and Dad. Nice work, dude!

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