Monday, June 30, 2008

Ralf und Pismo

Once in a while, I pretend that I'm really into my German roots, or at least aware of them. For instance, I'll on occasion feel a twinge of pride when happening across (read "discovering") German music that elevates me to commit acts of finger snapping, or even head bobbing (cynics would blame the mug o' beer in my hand, but I sneer at cynics).

Kraftwerk is (I know, deep down) a phenomenon one might wisely avoid like the plague, let alone embrace. But sometimes Kraftwerk just works (e.g. with a mug o' beer). Thusly, today I'm satisfied to dredge up something I heard recently on the ever-krafty KCPR. From the 1973 album Ralf Und Florian, it's "Tanzmusik."


And in honor of this weekend's beautiful, mellow summer surf, here is my very own California beach.

...and if you look really really hard, you can just barely make out my house in the distance, just behind the....ummmm....sand.

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