Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carrizo! / Fleet Foxes

they're the coolest!

Well I was admittedly very ambitious when I said I would post a picture a day. I have slacked, but for good reason: this weekend spent on the Carrizo Plain with Anna and Matt. There was much merriment, including but not limited to beers and steaks, baby owls in the tree above where we slept, Indian rock paintings, and the salt flats of Soda Lake. Oh, and I regret to inform that we were unable to jump up and down with enough vigor to cause an earthquake on the San Andreas fault. Sorry, we tried.

And music today comes from Fleet Foxes. I'm just going to go ahead and recommend the entire EP Sun Giant because it rules! I haven't come across a band this exciting in a while. If you took a tight bunch of hippies, stuck them in a cathedral to sing hymns and folk songs directed by a Gregorian monk, gave them little more than a drum set and a mandolin, this is exactly how good it would sound. Four stars!

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