Wednesday, April 23, 2008

With apologies to B. Kays

At the end of episode 7 of Breaking Bad there's a very groovy track that starts to play just as credits roll, and I was thinking "That's very good, one of those Nina Simone remixes, right?" Wrong. Not even waiting for it to play out, I consulted the Google, and was instantly filled with a deep self-loathing: Gnarls Barkley. How could I have fallen for that? To acknowledge the hypnotic coolness of something coming from an outfit who have so recently been atop the singles charts all over the entire world....what would my old Stenner roommates say? Have I really let my morals slip, compromised my musical soul?

Well yes, yes I have. I've just been listening to it again (and again) and gosh it's good. With a Thievery Corporation kind of goodness. Or like one of those Nick Drake tunes they'll still be using in soundtracks a generation from now.

Anyway, that (*ahem*) amazing song is called "Who's gonna save my soul" and it's on last month's album The Odd Couple.

Great, now I've got to go bury all my Radiohead stuff in the backyard.

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