Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Props to the local boys

Today's feature: a SLO band! Oh, but to be fair, they've since moved to San Francisco, where music is for real. Nevertheless, Scissors for Lefty's song "Next to Argyle" is nothing if not catchy, held up by a tastefully minimal post-punk sensibility. Just a hint of The Cure there on that track?? Anyone? Anyone? And that sweet guitar solo 3 minutes in is totally Dean Wareham-ish. Just thought I'd point it out. Makes me happy.

So it's been freakishly cold here this week, but, thanks mostly (I think) to my nifty greenhouse invention on the back porch these seedlings have decided to make an appearance anyway. Cantaloupes, cucumbers, and in the foreground, lettuce.

earth day

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