Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let the ho-hum photography begin!

So, in a shameless identity crisis of sorts, I realized just the other day that I have approximately one hundred days left to live.....on the Central Coast of California. Before I move to Hawaii. Yeah, cue the pity party. But really, I think of all the happy times here, from Cal Poly days onward, and think "okay, I'm justified in feeling nostalgic and maybe a bit messed up right now."

And to chronicle these last hundred or so days and capture alternately those happy times and these nostalgic bursts of confusing pain, I decided the best way I know to document this pre-Hawaiian crisis is with two of my favorite things: photos and songs.

It's about as artsy as I get. Yep, over the next few (sometimes uncontrollable-sobbing-fit-inducing) days I intend to take a pic a day, and find a new song every day that makes me perk my ears up, or at least not want to hurt myself.

WARNING: the pics will be VERY ORDINARY. The songs will be....well....given my unflagging taste for anything indie....everything from very un-memorable to pretty darn good to mind-blowing. And I'm a sucker for covers and most anything Stevie Nicks sang in the old days, so unexplainable choices might creep in now and then. Just go with it, future me.

So to begin with: today's song is from Arcadio and is called "Birds in the Belly".

And this is my backyard this evening. So ugly, but I've spent so many happy hours here!!!

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